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Closure VS Frontal

Posted by on 1/13/2018 to FAQ

A lace closure or lace frontal basically replaces what/where your leave out would be if you were wearing a sew in. The differences are in size. A closure is smaller, (4x4 or 5x5) usually best for people who aren’t planning on switching the style up too much. I recommend this type of wig for first time wiggys as well as ppl that rather have the freedom to take their wig off and on as they please with minimal fixings (baby hairs and such). This option doesn’t require adhesive but I.T can be used if you’d like. 

A frontal on the other hand still is the same concept of replacing leave out but there’s more parting space seeing that I.T goes from ear to ear (13x4 or 13x6). Frontal wigs are the most popular right now. These type of wigs are the most natural most of the time because the whole hairline is customized to look like a person natural hairline, howeverrrr, they do require more work to achieve the best look (with baby hairs and such). Because adhesive is used to secure this type of wig it works best if you do not need/want to take I.T off on a daily basis. For those reason I don’t usually recommend this type of wig to people that don’t think they have the time or patience to fix their baby hair or re-adhere the unit as needed. This type of wig lays best with adhesive but can be made so that I.T isn’t required. That method is called glueless. 

A glueless lace frontal wig is kind of like combination of both. You get more parting space and most of the customized hairline but because it doesn’t require adhesive you can take I.T off as you like the way you would a closure wig. The differences in the final product (glueless vs non-glueless) is in the eartabs or sideburns. With the glueless option there are no eartabs/earflaps/sideburns. That’s usually the main part that need to be secured with glue, tape or gel so without them the wig will just side properly with no adhesive. Some people pull a little hair down from the wig to cover the area, and others just use your own sideburns depending on color and texture of your hair vs the weave being used. Either way this is a good option as well.