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When ordering a Custom Wig there are a couple thing you must do/know to allow the whole process to run as smooth as possible. So here's what you need to know:

  • Since wigs are custom we will need a few head measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Below is a picture that shows you how and what you will need. Measure as close to your scalp as possible. Leave measurements in comment box when ordering.

  • If you are supplying hair that isn't from make sure that the hair is washed detangled, labeled by length and free of any thread before it is dropped off. This is required even if the hair is new. Why? Because it gives you a chance to examine the hair for any issues before sending it to get a wig made. We would hate to have to be the one to inform you that you 18 inch $200 bundle is shedding or matting excessively after your wig was already made. Nobody likes to waste their time or money, and trust that it has happened before.

  • All wigs are constructed with a sewing machine with a breathable mesh dome caps. Using a machine allows us to make our custom wigs faster, neater and more durable compared to hand sewn wigs. However because we use a machine your WEFTS WILL BE CUT. We understand that this can cause shedding so to combat that possibility we will seal the ends of each weft at no additional cost to you. If you would like your entire weft seal simply add that service to your cart before checkout.

  • Bleaching the knots of your closure or frontal does provide the most natural look when getting a wig constructed. Although this is true and very popular it does in fact weaken the hair where it is attached to the lace. This information isnt to change your mind but rather to keep you informed on what till be done. Personally I bleach all my knots but we need you to understand that bleaching the knots of your lace does shorten it's lifespan. No matter what is done (even if your knots aren't bleached) your lace will eventually begin to shed and/or bald and eventually need to be replace. this is 100% normal and inevitable. Even though it isnt as natural there are other options outside of bleaching your knots, contact us is you want to learn more. 

  • Please understand that every custom wig is exactly that, CUSTOM. Due to the fashion in which the wigs are made there are NO REFUNDS. If something need to be altered or adjusted it needs to be address ASAP and we will accommodate you accordingly. 

  • Please insure the hair you are providing is 100% human hair. We will no be held responsible for any damage done to hair in the wig making process ie bleaching Knots, coloring, styling etc. This is why we encourage everyone to do a quick wash/cowash of your bundles, to ensure you got what you paid for BEFORE sending them to Tiffy Thompson.