In 2014 like many other women I gave up the “creamy crack” and decided to make an attempt at “going natural”. Towards the end of the year I completely gave up on weaves realizing how much damage it was causing. It was like a double edge sword, I loved my weaves and they were helping my hair grow while I transitioned but it was also causing so much breakage I was making no progress. I had to find another way, so I did. I would go into those beauty supply stores on 125th street (we all know those beauty supply’s LOL). I would go in with my cousin and try on whatever wig I could until I either found one that I liked or until the store clerk told me I’ve reached my limit. Sometimes I would walk out with a bomb new hairstyle in my bag and other times I would just find the next closest beauty supply store and try my luck there. Even though the wig didn’t put a whole in my pocket, I noticed I had to go back for more way too often. The wigs I bought were good in the beginning but the longer I had them the more trashy¬†they became. If you’re a wig lover like me you know that some wigs (curly most times) look good for a little while as they become more trashy but that wasn’t always the case. Not only did it become trashy but it would begin to shed more. Shedding was soon accompanied by matting and those two combined inevitably led to the wig becoming thinner and thinner. Nobody likes see-through hair and I absolutely HATE when my hair gets matted. And how can I forget the fact that the wig never really fit my head to begin with. I was so used to bundle hair that I could run my fingers through freely, style as I please and reuse a few times before it became garbage. Even then, I would probably buy another bundle or so, add the old hair with the new, and use it all over again (don’t judge me LOL). Store bought wigs just weren’t cutting it for me, because they weren’t made, FOR ME. At the time I didn’t even know it but 2 years later, that was how the company now known as Tiffy Thompson began.