My name is Tiffany Thompson and I am The Wig Enthusiasts

When I was 25 years old about a year after giving birth to my son I decided to go on a business venture which brought me to where I am now. Today I am a 29 year old entrepreneur and owner of Tiffy Thompson Enterprises Inc. I was born and raised in the Bronx New York in a household of strong Jamaican culture. It's so amazing to know that my company services people both locally in those same street I ran as a child as well as internationally. We proudly provide both exemplary customer service alongside our luxury and affordable custom wigs & services.

       When I started back in 2016 it was mainly because I was looking for something in stores that I couldn’t find. I was used to having good quality hair when I did my weaves, but once I went natural and no longer wanted to put heat to my hair I needed another option. Having chemically relaxed hair all my life, it was really difficult for me to understand my natural hair and even more difficult to style it. Through  research and trial and error, I learned that it was better for me to not manipulate my hair often, and one way to do that was using protective styles, that’s when I turned to wigs. However these wigs that I found in my local beauty supply store were made with hair that just was not good compared to what I was used to. I loved the concept of the wigs but I found myself buying more and more because the quality just wasn’t good . Eventually I met a person that told me that she made wigs and I got one made by her. It was put together very well , fit perfectly and because it was hair that I provided the problem I had before was no longer an issue. Overtime the wig lost its shape so I was interested in a new one. As I began my search, my mother said to me “you can do that yourself” and thus, the seed was planted.

Owner of Tiffy Thompson Enterprises Inc       She was right. Four years later I have done extensive research on my own and attended multiple classes and seminars working on perfecting my business & craft. I am so proud of how far I’ve come and I know with consistency I have so much more coming. In the long run I hope to make a space that will be ALL THINGS WIGS. I want have a space people can walk into that screams luxury. Where working woman or moms like myself can come, unwind, learn and walk out feeling fabulous with a new polished crown. I want to not only create a comfortable living for myself and my family through my business but I want to help others get to that point as well whether they are working with me or learning from me to create their own the same way I learn from people that help me get to this point. One thing I learned through this journey is that there is space for everyone and I’m not afraid to share that space because we can all win. And we will.