Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal

Wigs can be a lot of fun and very beneficial to use depending on a person lifestyle. However it can be a little complicated especially if a person is new to the wig world. One of the main question we have been asked over and over again is "What is the difference between and closure wig and a frontal wig", so we want to provide some clarity. Right now these two are the top choices when it comes to wig making, but which one is better? Here we will break down to you not only the differences but the similarities that you might not have already known, and a little extra info that hopefully can help you make the best decision when choosing to purchase one of our custom made wigs.



Lace frontals and lace closures are both very useful in creating beautiful custom-made wig. They both serve the same purpose, which is to close off an install. If you a familiar with sew-ins or traditional weaves, the lace on wigs is in the position that would normally be your "leave out" (using your natural hair to cover up tracks so that everything blends as seamless as possible). However with a wig, because your natural hair is covered with the lace, it eliminates the need for blending. Both lace closure and frontals come in different sizes and well as material that can give a different wig wearing experience, making one option that might be best for me, not necessarily the best for you. Lets take a deeper looking into closures.




The most obvious differences between closures and frontals lie in the size and how they are applied. The Lace frontal is bigger and they cover the entire hairline, from ear to ear, while closures cover a smaller portion from about mid eyebrow to mid eyebrow. Both however go from at the top or front of your scalp if they a standard length of 4 inches. Lace Closures are typically 4 x 4 inches and sit either perfectly in the middle of the crown or can be shifted slightly to the side to achieve a side-part look. Lace frontals on the other hand, are typically 13 x 4 and lay along the hairline across the front of the head. Because the lace is larger on a frontal achieving a side part or any part for that matter would mean simply parting your wig in a different place the same way you would your natural hair.

Some of the other differences as mentioned before is how they are applied and styling/preference. Choosing between frontals or closures can depend on what style you are trying to achieve as well as your overall lifestyle. For instance, if you are the type of person that often pulls your hair up, then a frontal is a more preferable choice because there is lace and hair present that can be customized to look like your actual hairline. Remember that closures cover only a portion of your hairline, so people might see the sewn edges when your hair is in a bun or ponytail and of course we don't want that. Another thing is if you are a person that is more low maintenance and wants to be able to take their wig off and put it on as you please with no hassle closure wig is more than likely the best option because applying your wig with adhesive is not necessary. Applying your wig with adhesive is a method used to "secure the wig" onto a person head and more often you will see this done with frontal wigs. When your wig is properly applied with adhesive whether is may be gel, wig glue, tape, etc. you will be able too wear your unit day and night and be sure that it will not be moving anywhere for about 2-3 weeks as long as it is maintained correctly. If what I just describe is what you desire that a frontal may be your best bet. 


Bonus Info

Keep in mind that with Tiffy Thompson your wig is made custom for you so let us know what your looking for and we'll try our best to accommodate you. Some things we didn't mention before

  • There are other types of lace like 360 frontal.These type of frontals wrap all the way around the perimeter of your head which will not only give you a natural hairline but a natural looking nape as well.
  • Frontal wig can be made glueless so that you can get that full hairline look without needing to use adhesive
  • Another type of wig that we sell is full lace. These are the most versitile in the game right now because they allow you to part anywhere on the the entire head unlike lace frontals that allow you to part anywhere along the hairline
  • Closures come in larger sizes like 5 x 5 (which is the only size we carry) 6 x 6 etc. which allows you more parting space
  • Frontals also come in larger sizes like 13 x 5, 13 x 6 etc. which allows you more parting space
  • Some people use baby hairs along the edge of their lace to create a better illusion of a natural hairline
  • When purchasing hair or wigs from some companies most times, weather you choose a closure or frontal, your lace will NOT come customized to look as natural as it can, so be sure to request that the company "prepluck" your lace or if they don't offer that service have your beautician customize it before you apply it to achieve the most natural flawless looking wig.


  • Miya

    This is such a great service to have! I can build my own wig and have it installed! Amazing. I have purchased numerous wigs from Tiffy Thompson and she Always shows up with a unit better than I expect. I’m so glad I can build my own online now.

  • Veronica

    So informative thank you so much for this

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